Ersatz – Ohrpolster aus Kunstleder für für Beyerdynamic DT 770, 880, 990, AKG und Amiron

Dekoni Audio Platinum – Ohrpolster aus Kunstleder für für Beyerdynamic DT 770, 880, 990, AKG und Amiron



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Dekoni Headphone Cleaning Set
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Dekoni Audio Headphone Savior
1 × Dekoni Audio Headphone Savior - Kopfhörer-Tragetasche

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These pads are the pride and joy of Earpadz by Dekoni, boasting the widest range of compatibility in our lineup. Covering brands including AKG, Beyerdynamic, Razer, Sony and more, these pads stand perfectly alongside our goal of giving comfort and isolation to as many people as possible. Whether you’re in the studio, a DJ, a dedicated audiophile or hardcore gamer, our pads offer you the comfort and noise isolation needed to make those extended listening sessions a joy. Utilizing medium density heat activated memory foam, you’ll experience some of the best comfort and sound on the market.

Dekoni Audio wanted to design an ear pad that is both comfortable and has excellent sound isolation qualities. What we created is the Platinum Leather collection, made from high density, slow rebound memory foam wrapped in the finest, softest protein leather we could find. This is all to ensure a tight, well isolated fit for your headphones and to bring you closer to what you’re listening to without the ear fatigue that comes with longer listening periods. The Platinum Series now resides at the top of the Earpadz line, giving premium comfort in an affordable package.

Dekoni Audio has always been about giving people the best possible listening experience with our Elite and Choice lines of ear pads. Having positioned ourselves dominantly in the high-end audiophile market, we are bringing some of the quality and comfort of Dekoni’s elite lines to everyone with our new Earpadz by Dekoni Audio value line.

Earpadz aims to create an affordable alternative to our Elite and Choice series, while expanding our designs to cover the more headphones. Offering a range of products from simple replacement pads to quality upgrades focused on comfort without breaking the bank, we’re proud to give everyone the opportunity to experience what makes Earpadz by Dekoni Audio a better headphone experience!

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Dekoni EPZ-DT78990-PL Abmessungen
Dekoni EPZ-DT78990-PL Abmessungen


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